Monday, June 28, 2004

Connecticut Favorites

Well, I'm home visiting my folks in Southbury, CT and while Connecticut may not be a mecca of extraordinary cuisine, there *are* some fabulous places worth visiting.

Yesterday, we went to The Sycamore Drive-In in Bethel (282 Greenwood Ave., Bethel, (203) 748-2716). It's an old-fashioned car-hop, that's been open continuously since 1948. Experience car-hop service without leaving your car, or head inside for their steakburgers ($2) and homemade root beer ($1.45). The burgers are thin "French style" patties served on plain buns, and even though I tend to like a rare, bloody burger, I always enjoy getting an onion burger and a tomato burger at the Sycamore. Their onion rings are also great -- enough onion so you get some in every bite with a crisp coating that doesn't seem overly greasy.

As if the Sycamore wasn't delicious enough, just down the road, is Dr. Mike's (158 Greenwood Ave., Bethel, (203) 792-4388) serving creamy homemade ice cream. Typically offering 8 flavors (as well as fat-free Columbo yogurt), Heath and Chocolate lace are personal favorites. Their ice cream is super rich and portions are generous -- I have trouble finishing a small cone on my own, but the creaminess of the vanilla base, accented by bits of Heath Bar or broken Chocolate Lace can't be beat.


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